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CCTV is invaluable to monitor, and where necessary view or capture the access of personnel and visitors. With today’s technology CCTV is much more than just a surveillance tool. Level Protection uses the most technically advanced products that enable clients to protect their property, visitors and personnel against the potential threat of violence and vandalism.

Along with systems that offer facial recognition, people counting, trip-wire, auto tracking and ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) our ranges also includes:

  • IPv4 IP CCTV systems

  • Ruggedized Pan-tilt-zoom facilities

  • Infra-red lighting built into cameras

  • Local and offsite CCTV storage

  • Offsite diagnostics, monitoring and management

We realize how the current commercial market has moved & this is towards the technology sector with IP at the top of its game. Our IP CCTV systems fully integrate with all IT &networks with having the potential for bandwidth restrictive controls to ease the pressure from IT services yet maintaining full security.

All our systems operate to:

  • BS 8418 in accordance with Data Protection Act

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