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Our access control solutions provide customers with direct management of who goes where and when within their premises, providing complete accountability and ensuring security.

Access control and door entry systems not only provide building management control, they can be used to monitor loss prevention and also time and attendance of staff and visitors.

Our building management solutions ensure safe and secure entry and exit systems for personnel, visitors and contractors alike. Whatever your site, we can install and maintain the correct access control system to meet your specific requirement. Some of our key features in access control systems are:

  • PC based systems

  • Central control of privileges

  • Management of 1000+ doors with 75,000 key holders

  • Event reporting

  • Scalable, future expansion possibilities

  • Integrate other building systems

  • biometric, proximity, proximity and pin, vandal readers

We can offer many types of access features including anti-pass back, remote monitoring of doors, muster reporting, building attendance & DDA compliancy.

All Level Protection’s access control systems are scalable, giving our customers the ability to add and remove areas to the system without the need or cost of installing a brand new system.

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