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Intruder Alarms

We are highly experienced in the provision of regional and national, multi-site & maintenance contracts, enabled by our network of fully qualified engineers.

With a 24 hours 365 days a year service support. We are always there looking out for their customers.

We operate in accordance with:

  • BS 4737

  • DD 243

  • PD 662

  • BS 8243

All of our systems are graded upon a risk assessment we undertake on every system design. Once this has been established we then specify the specific grade of equipment needed.

  • Grade 1: Intruders expected to have little knowledge and limited tools. Alarm is suitable for a low risk

  • Grade 2: Intruders expected to have limited knowledge and some tools. Alarm is suitable for a low to medium risk

  • Grade 3: Intruders expected to have knowledge and full range of tools. Alarm is suitable for medium to high risk.

  • Grade 4: Intruders expected to have sophisticated knowledge and tools. Alarm is suitable for a high risk.

From this we can then integrate any system to related smoke cloak, panic alarms, and hold up alarms, asset tagging and CCTV systems.

We have trained monitoring operatives who can confirm sequential alarms, confirm intrusion via onsite CCTV and, where available, provide live audio warnings to prevent vandalism.

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